When I was six my mother found me looking at dandelions, flowers and bugs under my junior microscope.  As I grew older, my university friends asked to borrow my biology notes because they skipped too many classes and I never did. I have always been a bit of “science geek.” Intellectual conversations about genetics, naturopathic medicine, cell biology and epigenetics bring me ABSOLUTE JOY!

YOU? Maybe not?

Over a decade ago, at the end of an IT consulting gig, I merged my passion for data and alternative medicine and trained in Electro-Acupuncture.  Two years in, I kept getting word of mouth clients who were presenting with subclinical malnourishment and cellular dehydration.  Always curious, I went looking for solutions.  I kept reading and educating myself, knowing there was an answer that would help them.  After a ton of research, I was able to source a core nutrition product and asked them to try it. We were all happy seeing the marked improvement in their nutritional status.  We sat together as I explained what I had learned and why this product was ideally suited for them.  A simple thing like making sure they drank quality water brought rapid improvements.  I intuitively knew, that if I was able to assist in optimizing the nutrition and hydration levels of my clients, they would be more vibrant, have more energy and, their overall health would improve.

Not only did I find the solutions for my clients … I discovered a unique technology which evaluates the quality of your diet and supplements.  I knew I had to share that too!  As results came in, I was finally confident I could share this company and its technology with my clients. I didn’t stop there.  I did my homework on the company. I was amazed by the employees, the enriching company culture and the cutting-edge products derived from incredible science. They too wanted to help everyone “Look & Live Young Inside & Out!”

This began my journey as a Brand Affiliate with Nu Skin® / Pharmanex®.

Initially I had ZERO interest in the “Looking Young” solutions which the company created.  My focus was strictly optimal health and I used the Pharmanex® brand on the nutraceutical side of the business.  After all, I was a practitioner.

What changed my mind to broaden my focus was the moment I looked in the mirror and noticed the fine lines and wrinkles beginning to surface on my face. I like YOU began to pay serious attention to what the mirror revealed.  I know I can’t stop Mother Nature but I hoped I could delay her arrival! 

It was then my "science geek" tendencies re-surfaced. Curiosity peeked its head up and I began digging into Nu Skin's® gene expression science with respect to aging both inside and out. 

Skin IS an “inside job.”  It too needs core nutrition and “quality” water!  What an epiphany!

HOW WE AGE IS A CHOICE! (Yes, I am shouting.)

And those choices impact our ability to look, feel and live TOTALLY young and VIBRANT … at any age! … (Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials and, Gen Z’ers)

I launched this store to offer customers an online “space.”  - A place where I could share my knowledge about the leading-edge science behind these products.  I wanted to share trainings, product stories and, demonstrate results on health and beauty concerns.  I wanted to save time for everyone who claimed they had no time to find the ideal product for them.  As someone who likes to pamper myself from time to time and expects value and products that deliver results, I wanted to create an easy and memorable purchase experience … a blend of both online and offline activities.  I want my clients to know “I am here for YOU.”  Here to serve and earn your loyalty.

As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two young men, I know you are busy.  I know how the years pass and sometimes we don’t feel as vibrant as we once did. That junior microscope taught me a lot about what we can’t see in the world.  My curiosity and striving for answers will save you time because I’ve done the work for you to source reputable products, I and my family have used for the past 15 years.

I would love to be able to help you in your journey to look and live a more vibrant life. I’ve included, some of my favourites to start with. Even if you begin with just one, I promise you will notice a difference. I invite you to make YOU the priority at this moment in time.  Go ahead ... treat yourself.  ♥️