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180°® Anti-Aging System - Night Complex


What it is:

180°® Night Complex was created to enhance the skin’s cellular recovery process while you sleep.

That's right ... while you're in dreamland, this rich nighttime moisturizer promotes DNA repair, protects against free radical damage, and strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.  In fact it was created to enhance your skin’s cellular recovery process.  

Wake up to a healthy, youthful complexion with Nu Skin® 180°® Night Complex.  They don't call it Beauty Sleep for nothing!

Highlighted Ingredients:

Creatine—promotes skin protein production to diminish wrinkles while increasing cell recovery after UV exposure to keep skin smooth, soft, and vibrant.  Macadamia nut and meadowfoam seed oils—provide rich emollience to maintain and protect the skin’s vital moisture barrier.  Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, grape seed extract, and vitamin E—soothe and comfort the skin as they neutralize skin aging free radicals.  

What you need to know:

Promotes DNA repair, increasing the ability of cells to rebound from age and stress. Combats skin damage caused by sun exposure.   Enhances skin’s natural barrier function for silky-soft skin.  Protects against free radicals with multiple antioxidants for glowing, healthy looking skin.


Use at night as the fourth step of the Nu Skin® 180°® System..  Apply lightly in an upward, outward motion to face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

Morning Usage Schedule
Step 1: 180°® Face Wash
Step 2: 180°® Skin Mist
Step 3: 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid
Step 4: 180°® UV Defense Hydrator

Evening Usage Schedule
Step 1: 180°® Face Wash
Step 2: 180°® Skin Mist
Step 3: 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid
Step 4: 180°® Night Complex

Complimentary Products:

Nu Skin® 180°® System—designed to target cell renewal, this system reverses a range of aging effects.  Nu Skin 180°® AHA Facial Peel and Neutralizer—features 10 percent lactic acid to enhance cell renewal for improved  texture, radiance, and pore size while it decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Tru Face® Essence Ultra,  Tru Face® Line Corrector.  

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