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epoch® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer


What It Is:

epoch® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer is a waterless hand washing gel that instantly kills 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria on contact. 

epoch® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer can be used to sanitize almost anything.  Our makeup artists use it to clean their makeup brushes.  In the office, it is used to sanitize phones.  It’s especially good to use during cold and flu season.

Convenient, waterless hand wash.  Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Lavender—a plant recognized and used for centuries by early Roman, Greek, and European civilizations for its cleansing properties.  Because cleanliness and well-being were considered very important, especially by upper class societies, lavender was commonly used in wash water to promote body and hand cleanliness.  Honey Suckle—an emollient used for its skin softening benefits.  Alcohol—an active ingredient required to meet OTC (Over The Counter) drug specifications to instantly kill germs and bacteria.

What you need to know:

Effectively disinfects hands without drying skin.  Provides immediate protection by killing 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria.  epoch® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer works on almost anything that can be sanitized (be sure to test product in a small area for compatibility before applying to a large area).  

A donation of $0.25 from each epoch® product sold goes to the Nu Skin® Force for Good Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to creating a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indigenous cultures, and protecting fragile environments.

Video Note:  Check out the amazing science and ethnobotany behind epoch®. As well as the new transition to sustainable packaging.  ""Be epoch®!" Take care of yourself, take care of others and, take care of our planet." Tine de França - Product Specialist


Place a generous amount in one hand.  Spread on both hands, applying liberally to all parts of hands.  Rub gently until dry.

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