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epoch® Glacial Marine Mud®


What it is:

This skin renewing mud mask helps exfoliate dead skin cells, absorbs impurities from skin (dirt, dead cells, excess oil) without robbing precious moisture, and rejuvenates damaged or troubled skin. 

Deposits more than 50 skin-beneficial minerals and trace elements to nurture the skin.  Softens and purifies the skin.  By attracting water, the mud helps to hydrate the skin.  Helps draw out impurities leaving skin cleansed and detoxified.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Glacial Marine Mud® (sea silt)—obtained from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest of Canada.   This skin-beneficial mud is homogenized to increase its absorption powers and provide ideal consistency.  The following are some of the more than 50 skin-beneficial minerals and trace elements featured:  Copper (Cu) — helps improve skin strength, cutting down on fragility.  Zinc (Zn) — an essential mineral for healthy skin.  Magnesium (Mg) — a necessary component of the skin’s natural energy cycle.   Silver (Ag) — aids the skin’s antimicrobial activity.  Chromium (Cr) — helps maintain balance in the skin.

What you need to know: 

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a genetic skin disorder that primarily affects children and causes the development of blisters or open sores on as much as 75 percent of the body. Dedicated to helping find a cure for EB, Nu Skin® donates $0.25 of every epoch® Glacial Marine Mud® product sale to the EB Medical Research Foundation.

Video Note:  Check out the amazing science and ethnobotany behind epoch®. As well as the new transition to sustainable packaging.  ""Be epoch®!" Take care of yourself, take care of others and, take care of our planet." Tine de França - Product Specialist


Apply a generous layer of mud to skin, avoiding mouth and eye areas.  Let mud dry 15 to 20 minutes or until it turns a light aquamarine colour.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Use epoch® Glacial Marine Mud® two to three times a week.

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